What’s with the name, Ferrum Prospects?

“Ferrum Ferro Acuitur” – Iron Sharpens Iron

We’re doing our best to mine and refine undiscovered wrestlers for the next level!

In latin, ferrum means “iron,” which is the most common element on Earth by mass. It is a highly adaptable and necessary element to life for both a human’s body and our everyday comforts. However, pure iron is a soft material and it is through the combination of processes and alloys, that iron becomes stronger. The hope of every person is to separate themselves from the common and average. Our goal is to help facilitate this process and elevate those top level wrestlers and athletes by teaching them how to be adaptable, much like iron.

We help refine athletes and provide them with the necessary tools that college coaches are seeking. By doing this, high school wrestlers can stand out above the average athlete and showcase their skills and abilities, both on and off the mat. With that platform, we believe coaches at the next level will be intrigued and excited to have these wrestlers become members of their community. All it takes is a little courage and effort to change your future. The opportunity is here with Ferrum Prospects!

“Audere Est Facere” – To Dare is to Do