College Coach Combine Registration

We hope you’re intrigued, this is going to be a fun summer event!

With our Combine just around the corner, we want to ensure we have enough packets, admission bands, etc. for all of the college coaches that will be in attendance. To encourage coaches to keep coming back each year, we only distribute information packets in-person at the event; any follow-up information is similarly restricted to coaches that attend. This creates a level playing field in the identification of PSA’s for each wrestling program, as well as for those wrestlers in attendance from states that are far too often overlooked. Let’s change that!

Please review the event details and complete the registration form (for each attending coach) at the bottom of the page. We look forward to hosting you and/or your respective coaches. Should you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail:


What to Expect?
Each coach you can expect a highly organized opportunity to evaluate wrestlers in both practice and competition. Participants are assigned a combine number, which corresponds with a coaching packet that breaks down each student-athlete and their respective information. With College All-American level clinicians and coaches running each session, you will see if an athlete can grasp high level technique and how they adjust to critique. You’ll be able to identify who responds to an uptempo practice and how they manage partners who are similarly eager to perform under these varying conditions.

In addition, wrestlers are required to wrestle-off daily to advance them through a mini-tournament, which concludes with a final pairing in a dual format. There will be limited access on the during the combine itself, with paid admission opened to the public on the second evening. Finally, with a college fair at the conclusion of the event, you’ll have the proper format to introduce yourself and distribute information. By the time you’re headed home, you should have a solid foundation of who’s who from Colorado and the surrounding states. The best part is that all of the Combine participants are anxious to compete in college – they just need someone to give them a chance!

Important Information

  • There is no cost, we simply ask that you fill out the registration form in advance so we can prepare for your arrival.
  • Coaches receive contact and personal information about recruits; all data is willfully submitted to Ferrum Prospects during registration.
  • To receive the packet distributed at the event, you must attend our combine.
  • Both prospective student-athletes and coaches are responsible for their own travel.

Event Date & Location:

2018 Colorado Regional Combine
Date: June 29th & 30th
Event Location: Cherokee Trail HS – 25901 E. Arapahoe Rd. Aurora, CO 80016

Here are some of the ways we handle the contact between college coaches and student-athletes:

  • For wrestlers: The event is open on a first-come, first-serve basis at the same cost to all student-athletes.
    1. They are instructed to perform to their best ability, while allowing coaches and spectators to do their job without interference.
    2. They will save their questions, and any their parents might have, for the college fair.
  • Additionally, as this is a combine that tests skills, provides technique, conducts wrestle-off’s, and holds a competitive dual, coaches should refrain from contacting PSA’s until the wrestling concludes and wrestlers enter the college fair.
  • We hold a college fair at the conclusion of the dual (held on the last day) that is restricted to PSA’s in the appropriate grade level. Please plan accordingly to stay and talk about your program!
  • Ferrum Prospects staff & volunteers may NOT introduce wrestlers to coaches; instead wrestlers are instructed to attend the college fair (if permitted) and coaches are given ample information to identify wrestlers of need.

Registration Form

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